Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus which is the most widely taught and respected syllabus worldwide. Students can start at a Pre-Primary level and continue right through to Grade 8 and are offered the opportunity to take exams and class awards when ready. RAD vocational grades including pointe work are also offered from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced levels for students wishing to specialise in classical ballet.

Pre-School Ballet
Classes start from age three with children being introduced creatively to the basic ballet steps such as skipping, marching and galloping using imaginary and musical ideas and props. Following on from here, children follow the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary syllabus.

Modern & Tap

Children can start a beginner Modern and Tap class from approximately age five and start by learning basic footwork to help develop rhythm, timing and co ordination skills. Modern and Tap classes follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabi from Primary through to Vocational level also with the opportunity to take exams when ready.

Jazz & StreetDance

Freestyle Jazz and Streetdance classes are offered from approximately age 8. A variety of different jazz styles are taught within the class to encourage the students versatility and learn new dance styles to current music. These classes supplement the students training, whilst also working on stretching and flexibility and giving them a chance to practise the latest dance moves!


Contemporary classes are offered at a senior level and explore influences from Graham, Cunningham and release techniques. The focus is on use and transference of weight, working on and off balance and developing core strength to build sequences with fluidity, artistry and agility.